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Acid-base theory in the twentieth century and a reflexive review the scientific work

Felipe de Moura Souza, Eliana Maria Aricó

The paper presents a new reading on the construction of acid-base theory in the twentieth century, more specifically the participation of S.A. Arrhenius, J.N. Bronsted, T.M. Lowry and G.N. Lewis.

Remembering qualitative analysis. The 175th Anniversary of Fresenius Textbook: Part I

William B. Jensen

Part I of this two-part article on the history of the teaching of qualitative analysis to undergraduate chemistry majors covers the origins of the course

The paradigms of Chemical Engineering: The new frontiers

Reynerio Álvarez-Borroto, Ullrich Stahl, Elvia V. Cabrera Maldonado , Marco V. Rosero-Espín

James Wei, a professor at the Department of Chemical Engineering-MIT, used the paradigm concept in 1988, introduced by T. Kuhn, to characterize the steps of evolution of the Chemical Engineering.

The fourth chemical revolution (1945-1966). From substances to chemical species

José Antonio Chamizo

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Remembering qualitative analysis. The 175th anniversary of Fresenius textbook: Part II

William B. Jensen

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The alkyl group is a -I+R substituent

Luis Salvatella

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From the laboratory to the court: Teaching science to forensic science students

Ana María Sosa Reyes

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