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Fotoprocesos en la ensenanza de la qumica. Experimentos clave para conceptos bsicos

Michael Walter Tausch, Nico Meuter, Sebastian Spinnen

Debido a los cinco grandes retos del sigloXXI en relacin con los trminos de energa, alimentos, agua, movilidad y clima, la humanidad tiene que sustituir la energa de combustibles fsiles por las energas renovables paso a paso. Entre ellas, la energa solar es, sin ninguna duda, la ms abundante y limpia. Esta es una razn importante, pero no la nica, para la inclusin de los fotoprocesos en la enseanza de la qumica.

Investigation in Analytical Chemistry applied to Nutrition as a tool in teaching

Rodrigo José Vargas, Dulce G. Saldaña, Lorena López-Donado

Research is one of the necessary elements to build up knowledge; for this reason, the career of nutrition at Mariano Galvez University has implemented research as an important component of the course of analytical chemistry. During this process, the impact of scientific involvement is evaluated as part of a regular course and it allows students to develop a research as a product of their imagination and curiosity.

Proposed class experimental using expanded perlite modified with orthophenanthroline in removal of eriochrome black t in complexing titrimetry waste

Janiele Mayara Ferreira de Almeida, Sheila Pricila Marques Cabral de Souza, Isabel do Nascimento Silva, Nedja Suely Fernandes

In this paper, an approach to the removal of the eriochrome black T in an actual effluent (generated from the test to determine the water hardness by complexometric titration) using perlite modified with orthophenanthroline by the adsorption technique is proposed. A preliminary assessment of the removal of eriochrome black T in a synthetic effluent (aqueous solution of eriochrome black T) was executed for subsequent application of the optimized conditions in actual residual water (titration residue of complexation).

History of science to teach nature of science: A strategy for initial science teacher education

José Antonio Acevedo Díaz, Antonio García Carmona, María del Mar Aragón

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Topics of quantum chemistry: analysis of its presentation in general chemistry text books

Silvia Ramírez, Ana Fleisner, Liliana Viera

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Problem-based learning as a complement to traditional teaching in Physicochemistry

Carina Lorena Fernández, María Inés Aguado

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An alternative evaluation of acid-base titrations through a simulation

Andrés Raviolo, Andrea Farré

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